The great Business man by Sankar Kumar Halder

Name: Sankar Kumar Halder Country: India Date of Birth: 4-1-1976 Age: 45 years Institution: Mangrove Art Group Artwork name: The great Businessman Media : Pen & Ink Size : 8″/12″ Year: 2018

Sculpture by Tanmay Halder

Artist: Tanmay Halder Country: India Date of Birth: 5-7-1983 Age: 38 years Institution: I C A D Artwork name: Sculpture Media: Clay Size: 6/6/6 Year: 2020

Ganesh by Bablu Pramanik

Artist: Bablu Pramanik Country: India Date of Birth: 31-1-1975 Age: 46 years Institution: Mangrove Artwork name: Ganesh Media: Acrylic on canvas Size: 30×36 Year: 2020

Unknown death by Sushanta Baral

Artist: Sushanta Baral Country: India Date of Birth: 19-4-1986 Age: 35 years Institution: MANGROVE Artwork name: unknown death Media: pen on paper Size : 12”X16” Year: 2021

Queen of the jungle by Baidyanath Boldey

Artist: Baidyanath Boldey Country : India Date of Birth : 7-2-1979 Age : 42 years Institution : IndianArtCollege Artwork name : Queen of the jungle Media : Pen&watercolor Size : 28″/36″ Year :...